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Swisher County
 Swisher County was named for J.G. Swisher of the Texas Revolution. The county was created from Bexar, Young territories in 1876. It was organized in 1890. The county seat is Tulia, which is the agribusiness center of the area. Swisher County is a major agricultural county. The major agricultural commodities include fed cattle, stocker cattle, wheat, cotton, corn, and grain sorghum. There are about 150,000 acres irrigated. In 1998, the population was reported as 8,133.

Swisher County lies in the Texas Panhandle There are three towns in Swisher County: Happy, Kress and Tulia. Located in Tulia are the Swisher Memorial Hospital, Swisher County Museum, Swisher County Library and the Tulia Care Center.

*For more information about Swisher County, or any of Texas’ 254 counties, you can access the following: the Texas Almanac 1996-1997; wed bites http://govinfo.library.orst.edu/cgi-bin/bfact and http://monarch.tamu.edu ; and the article titled, Understanding Your Local Economy….County Data Set by Drs. Dennis U. Fisher and Judith I. Stallmann, Department of Agricultural Economics. 340 Blocker Building, College Station, TX 77843-2124.

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